Destiny 2 to Remove Item With White Supremacist Logo

Destiny 2: When to expect Xur, the Raid and more

Bungie is changing a gauntlet in Destiny 2 that was based on an alt-right symbol, the developer said today.

We'll let you know what content becomes available Tuesday. In-game, the recommended level for the Raid is 270. Those include not waiting to decrypt Engrams and saving some of your Upgrade Points.

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A report from this Reddit thread indicates that the forthcoming Raid, which is being called Leviathan, could be Bungie's biggest to date.

Once the Raid goes live, the first thing to keep an eye on is usually who manages to figure out and complete all the game's challenges first: The Vault of Glass took players over 14 hours to crack, for example.

The raid unlocks tomorrow, on Wednesday, September 13. Bungie confirmed that the Leviathan raid will require 260 power level. It's also recommended to enter the Raid with a full fireteam of six players.

Players will need to be in a power range of 260-280 if you want to capitalise on the raid, so the servers being down this afternoon is not going to help if you are aiming to get there fast.

Are you ready to conquer the Leviathan?



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