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I am Mónica Vicente , an entrepreneur and mother of three children.

I have always liked baking and having children, I have had many opportunities to practice. However, when I started with the decorated tarts years ago, it was not so easy.

Sometimes I had problems with the consistency of the sponge cake or the fondant, . I lost a lot of time and money learning on my own, researching, buying materials that were not serving and throwing away tarts that did not work. I had no one to ask and I felt disappointed and frustrated . It was horrible and I do not want it to anyone.

I had to spend a lot of money on courses , a lot of time on new tests and materials until I got them perfect. But I finally made it and I created my own business , giving each month dozens of cakes to my clients and giving courses to many students attracted to him Art of decorating creative pies.

I would like to teach you, as well as many others, the way so you do not have to go through everything that I went through and you can learn in an easy, Fast and cheap to decorate pies in a professional way. I'll explain everything you need to know , no more, no less.



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