Rihanna Celebrates After the Fenty Beauty Launch in NYC!

Rihanna launches Fenty Beauty cosmetic line tonight!

The star's makeup line, Fenty, debuts September 8 online and in Sephora stores. You just never know so you want people to appreciate the product and not feel like "it only looks cute on her". The brand features 91 products, according to Vanity Fair, including 40 foundation shades, highlighters, concealing-and-correcting sticks, makeup brushes in different shapes and sizes, blotting papers and powders, and one single lip gloss (which will probably be sold out by the time you read this article).

Fenty Beauty is meant to fill in a gap that Rihanna saw after years of using some of the best makeup in the business and finding that it came up short for some skin tones and skin types.

This sixth collaboration with the american edition of It occurs at the time of the launch of the much anticipated makeup collection of Fenty Beauty By Rihanna.

Interviewed by some of her most A-list buddies - including Tyra Banks, Zac Posen, Eminem, Laverne Cox and Pharrell Williams - the Wild Thoughts goddess answered some questions fans have been dying to ask since she sent out that sexy "SOS" back in the day. I'm a firm believer that you can't have a complete face without a lip, and this is a universal lip gloss.

In February, when a range of new faces were being cast for campaigns, it felt refreshing.

IS there anyone who could look quite as fabulous in a banana-yellow twinset as superstar beauty guru Rihanna? She admitted that when she was younger, "lipstick always got me into trouble".

The inclusive collection accommodates a wide range of skin tones.

Details of the range had been under lock and key, and those lucky enough to get a sneak-peek had to sign a strict non-disclosure agreement agreeing to not post anything online until after the 9am embargo.

ELLE: What is the craziest thing you've ever done/tried for beauty?

Just take a look at the (dreamy AF) Killawatt Highlight Duos below. We.

But Pantone's colour of 2016 is all the rage.

Known for her uncontemporary style and personality, Rihanna was seen working behind the cash register herself to welcome the first batch of sales of Fenty.

The foundation, which is matte without feeling in any way drying, is particularly impressive, and the cream highlighters give a beautifully soft glow (no glittery particles are visible).



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