What Got Mark Hamill to Return to the Star Wars Galaxy?

What Got Mark Hamill to Return to the Star Wars Galaxy?

Star Wars fans all over the world are getting excited again. Christmas is quite literally just around the corner and that means fans get to enjoy yet another Star Wars movie. The Last Jedi opens around the world on December 15th. With the last Star Wars ending in a quiet meeting between Rey and Luke Skywalker, fans are eager to find out what Luke’s role in the new movie will be.

But what makes a big star like Mark Hamill revisit a movie that he probably thought was done and dusted? As many actors in iconic roles have said, being known for a single role can sometimes be a curse not just a blessing. So, what drove Mark Hamill back to the Star Wars Galaxy?


Continuing the story of Luke Skywalker


In an interview with ABC News, Mark Hamill revealed that he did have to think about being part of the new movies. He understood that the previous films ended with a clear and resolute ending – there wasn’t really anything left unsaid. However, Hamill also believes that the journey only ended in terms of marking Luke’s journey from a little boy to a Jedi. We don’t know what happened then – until now.

It’s rather clear the show’s writing helped make the move. We don’t yet know what role Luke will play in the next movie but it is obvious he has a thing or two to teach Rey about being a Jedi – or is he the last Jedi?

Hamill is clearly interested in the development of his character. He mentioned in the interview how Luke’s character changed the most in the original trilogy. Indeed, he was just a simple farm boy in the first movie and in the final; he defeated bad guys from left to right as a Jedi.

In Force Awakens, we find him on a remote island. It just begs the questions of what happened and it probably has a juicy ending. Hamill wouldn’t have agreed to come back if Luke’s story didn’t have something important to teach us all.

Hamill said in the interview, “Between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens, there’s just decades of history that’s unknown. So I was wondering how they’re going to handle all this.”

Interestingly, Hamill admitted in the interview that he asked for more back-story before the filming began. He felt he needed to know what all those years have done to Luke even if the material doesn’t get told in the actual movie. Hamill being such a good actor, the story will probably show in the way Luke is portrayed in the new film – Hamill has always been superb at adding depth to his characters.


Time for the new cast to take over


Hamill has also made it clear that the new saga is not about the old guard. Sure, they all had an important role to play and things to teach – and we will forever miss Han Solo and Princess Leia – but the new trilogy has new stars.

While Luke will probably have a key role to play in the new movies, it’s certain the new actors will dominate the storyline. It’s difficult to even tell where the story will take us. J. J. Abrahams has been able to keep us on the edge of our seat and what happens next is undoubtedly going to be something epic and unexpected.

There have hardly been any hints either. Although people have been studying press releases, actor interviews and the epic trailers and clips, the movie will probably throw a curveball or few to ensure we didn’t see it coming. When you listen to Mark Hamill, you rather get the feeling that perhaps Luke Skywalker is part of a surprising storyline.


Getting involved in the action


Now, there are still quite a few weeks to wait for the movie. If you are a true fan, it might seem impossible to have to wake up and know there are still many hundreds of hours to go before Luke Skywalker’s role in helping in the fight against the evil are revealed. Luckily, there is plenty of Star Wars around.

You could just rewatch all the previous seven movies and relive the excitement. The great thing about Star Wars Galaxy is that there’s always something new to figure out. Not to mention, we have the spin off movie Rogue One to explore as well. In terms of gadget, gismos and the movie, Argos offers @ HotUKSavings will ensure you don’t have to use the force to get your things – you can enjoy cheap Star Wars things in no time.

If you want to learn more about Mark Hamill, then don’t forget to read the Biography.com post. It offers a great insight into what it was like to be part of the biggest franchise in the world – and give you a better idea of why he loved coming back.

So, get your Star Wars fix and prepare for the upcoming film. It’ll be an exciting journey – that’s for sure.



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