Here's What Theresa May Thinks China Should Do Regarding North Korea Crisis

Kim Jong Un

The UN Security Council on Tuesday unanimously condemned North Korea over the launch of the missile, which flew over Japanese territory before crashing into the Pacific, but it stopped short of issuing fresh punitive measures against the regime.

There was no easy way for the Prime Minister to respond to a question about fighting the next election as Conservative leader following fresh claims she would step down after Brexit in two years' time.

"We would encourage China to do everything it can to bring pressure on North Korea to stop this". "Japan and Britain will cooperate to counter this". "The in between stage is delivering on some of the stuff we need to deliver", he said.

The Prime Minister has used her trip to push the message she wants her premiership to stand for more than Brexit.

As well as her trade mission, Mrs May has supported the nation's efforts against North Korea.

The British Prime Minister was speaking in Japan during a trade visit and called the most recent missile test over Japan "illegal and provocative".

The Global Times, a publication of the official People's Daily of China's ruling Communist Party, criticised May's comment. In July, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that sanctions against North Korea were "needed" but "not the final goal".

She told Sky News television there was "absolutely no basis for those reports whatsoever".

Both May and Abe addressed a delegation of British business leaders, and senior representatives from major Japanese investors in Britain, such as carmakers Nissan, Toyota and conglomerate Hitachi.

"The U.K.'s departure from the European Union has to be successful", Abe said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May arrived Wednesday in Japan for a three-day visit that is expected to focus on Brexit, trade and security.

"I want to express the strong sense of solidarity that the United Kingdom shares with the people of Japan", she added.

"We have been one of the member states sitting around the European Union table that have been pressing the European Union to move forward on this deal with Japan".

Formal discussions are scheduled for later on Thursday, after which the leaders will hold a news conference. But Japanese officials on Tuesday shot down the UK's hopes for a quick trade agreement, saying said they were in no rush to enter negotiations with Britain, especially since it is now negotiating a free trade agreement with the EU.



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