Amazon, Microsoft Team Up To Integrate Voice Assistants

Amazon, Microsoft Team Up To Integrate Voice Assistants

Sometimes, however, a tug-o-war isn't the best solution. The original idea began in May past year where the two tech giants met.

Amazon and Microsoft announced a new partnership that will allow better integration between the tech titans' two digital assistants. There's no specific word on which will hit the Australian market, although Google expects "most" of them to make it to Australia.

What does that mean for owners of each company's voice driven devices? Google and Amazon already have smart speakers on the market.

CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella said, "The world is big and so multifaceted". Alexa users will be able to access Cortana's deep integration with the Office Suite, enabling them to schedule meetings, access calendars, set reminders, and even read work emails.

The companies have been at work on this collaboration for more than a year, after Bezos initiated the idea, according to The New York Times. More interestingly, further updates to Windows 10 will also allow users to access Alexa from their Cortana-based Windows 10 PCs.

Both Bezos and Nadella suggested to the Times they would be open to a similar collaboration with Apple's Siri or Google Assistant.

The devices that would get "Assistant" include the Anker Zolo Mojo, a small cylinder speaker that's like a third-party Google Home, which will go on sale in late October. Cortana is deeply integrated with Microsoft's programs and generally lives in computers and mobile devices.

MyHermes has continued their mission to interact with the latest wave of smart devices on the market by becoming the first parcel company in the United Kingdom to fully integrate its tracking solution with Google Assistant. Devices like Harman's Invoke will have access to 300 million monthly active Skype users for calling and messaging. This means that if users are now asking Cortana for advice but also want to shop on Amazon, they would have to switch back to Alexa. Notably, one big advantage that surfaces from the fresh friendship between Alexa and Cortana - but is hidden in the background - is the expansion of digital assistance on Windows 10 systems as they'll now interact with both Alexa and Cortana.

How Apple and Google plan to take this news remain uncertain.

In an official blog, Andrew Shuman, Corporate Vice President, Cortana Engineering, Microsoft states that by bringing Cortana to Alexa and Alexa to Cortana, the company is trying to add more value and choice for consumers and developers alike.

The use of voice assistants is growing.

Bezos believes users will, at some point, turn to many digital assistants, as that of a friend asking different types of friends for advice on different matters.



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