What You Should Know About Apple's Upcoming iPhone 8

What You Should Know About Apple's Upcoming iPhone 8

Apple is reportedly planning to hold a product event on September 12 that will see the announcement of several devices, including the highly anticipated iPhone 8 and the next version of the Apple Watch.

Instead of pressing the home button to perform functions such as calling up Siri and viewing app screens, users will maneuver around the iPhone 8 using gestures.

In other product news, the Apple TV could offer HDR alongside the already rumored 4K support. Apple now has its iPhone Upgrade Program in the United States, which nets customers a new iPhone (complete with Applecare+) every year on whichever carrier they prefer, starting at $US32 ($41) per month.

A non-functioning model of the redesigned iPhone including YouTube/MKBHDApple is now preparing for a launch event reported to take place next month where it will reveal the latest iPhones.

Apple iPhone 8 production will "have a strong tailwind into '18", Hosseini said.

Earlier leaks have suggested design changes in detail.

We previously saw a video of the first generation iPhone being torture tested and now we have a teardown video for the handset.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities says there may be three phones - two resembling the current iPhone 7, and one OLED model with a different form factor.

We are only few days away from the new iPhone 8, as it is expected to be released next month - after Apple all but confirmed it.

Since 2012, Apple has been launching the iPhones in mid-September, which is also about a week after its unveiling. The new virtual home button is going to be called "Home Indicator".

The device will also feature wireless charging, as Apple finally catches up to Android.

The move would make sense, as rivals Google and Samsung's flagship models no longer have physical buttons on the front.

The iPhone home button will be trashed, if a new report is correct. Users can continue to flick upwards to close the app or go back to the home screen.

So many questions! What happens to Control Center, which has become one of the most important parts of the iPhone UI since its introduction in iOS 7? In addition to being faster, these new processors are also more energy efficient, which should help cut down battery consumption when performing regular tasks. But so far it's the most detailed report we've seen so far of exactly how the iPhone 8 will actually work.

In other words, this iPhone launch, which some analysts could fetch as much as $1,200 or even as much as $1,400, is expected to be more than just Apple's typical incremental hardware upgrade.



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