Katy Perry Sued For Stagehand's Lost Toe

Katy Perry Sued For Stagehand's Lost Toe

Katy Perry is reportedly being sued by a former stagehand who claims she lost her toe while working on tour with the "Swish Swish" singer.

In her lawsuit, she claims that she was asked to move a wall backstage.

The stagehand claims nobody called an ambulance so her friend had to take her to hospital, but she was offered ice for her foot.

According to Fish, a toe on her right foot had to be amputated after developing gangrene. She said she wasn't able to use the foot for months after and noted that the incident cause a great deal of emotional stress. She also was an avid Yogi, but unfortunately can't successfully practice anymore because of this injury. Fish explains in the lawsuit that she was not only unable to use her foot for months, but she also suffered emotional distress because she had to live with a "dead toe" for an extended period of time before doctors chose to amputate. We don't know how much money she's asking for in damages, but it's apparently a large chunk of change.

There's photos of her injury up on TMZ, which you can view here, if you're into that sort of thing.

Jeeze. We know this was obviously an accident, but we seriously feel for Christina - that's a terrible injury.

Do you think Katy Perry should be held responsible for an accident that happened during her tour to a member of her crew?



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