Cavs could veto blockbuster Irving-Thomas trade if Celtics don't revise agreement

LeBron James speaks with media during 2017 NBA Finals press conference

Thomas is, after all, a professional and has worn his sense of disrespect - he was the 60th overall pick, remember, and he has been traded three times now, including the Cavs deal - like a badge during his National Basketball Association tenure. That's understandable, since they didn't do anything to hide Thomas' injury and already are paying a hefty price. A hip injury sidelined Thomas during the 2017 NBA Playoffs, which he has yet to have surgically corrected. Per NBA collective-bargaining rules, a team can void a trade if a player fails a physical.

The Kyrie Irving trade is one of the most complicated blockbuster transactions I can recall. While the deal is headlined by the movement of Kyrie Irving from Cleveland to Boston, the Cavaliers have reportedly considered prompting the Celtics for additional assets in a deal that many believe already favored the defending Eastern Conference champions.

It is even more unlikely they would add Brown or Tatum since they are awesome young players.

The Celtics and Cavaliers originally agreed to a deal that sent Irving to Boston and Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the Brooklyn Nets' 2018 first-round pick to Cleveland. While the future flexibility of Thomas' ending contract and the possibility of a high pick were key parts of the deal, only getting part of it is not almost as favorable, especially with the tax and roster complications. They could mutually agree to extend the deadline, however.

"I don't know for a fact that the Celtics are frustrated, I haven't spoken to anyone that gives me specifically that impression, but that makes ideal sense, because nothing should have surprised the Cavaliers", Bulpett told Mannix.

On AmicoHoops: #Celtics youngsters Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum targeted by #Cavs in renewed trade talks.

The Cavs could also request the Celtics alter the trade by giving them another player or pick.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Cavaliers will come back and ask for specific players on the Boston roster.

Regardless of what unfolds, Rose has a strong friendship with both players, and he feels they could easily work together on the court next season. Jason Lloyd reports the original deal was their "best offer" and won't include anything more in a trade.

Still, there are a couple of factors I can't stop thinking about from the Cavs' perspective: Thomas' hip and his contract. The other key part is that they acquired the Bird Rights to Irving as part of the trade.

Plus, the addition of Crowder gives them a bigger, more physical 3-and-D guy in comparison to Shumpert. Not only did the Cavaliers need to get the usual future assets back that teams hope to when they trade a star like Irving, but they also needed to find pieces that could fit properly next to James and allow Cleveland to maintain its status as a title contender.



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