Target leaks possible Bethesda Game of Thrones game


A rather innocuous retail listing points to something set in Westeros from the noted open-world role-playing developer.

Its website is now showing a page advertising a game called "Bethesda: Game of Thrones". "They're a bit different, but definitely in the wheelhouse that people are used to from us".

In the walls of Bethesda working on several games.

One of those projects is trademarked as "Starfield" and is expected to be the first of the two to be developed and released.

Retailer Target has just updated their website with a new GAME from Bethesda, Game of Thrones.

This puts the release of Elder Scrolls 6 to sometime afterward.

The network leaked the secret information about a major game based on the series "Game of Thrones" from the developers of Bethesda. With the huge popularity of the George R.R. Martin franchise, it seems only logical that a massive RPG could be in the works. Games of Thrones' Season 7 finale airs tonight on HBO at 9pm ET. Previous efforts to bring the series to life in video game form include 2012's effort from Cyanide, and Telltale Games' six episode run in 2014, due to receive a second season down the line.

There has also been some exceptionally well-done Game of Thrones mods to existing games like Crusader Kings 2 and Mount & Blade: Warband.

Would you prefer a game to stick to book or television storylines and do you think BETHESDA would make a great match for this development?



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