Dwayne Johnson's Movie 'San Andreas' Helped a Boy Save His Brother's Life

The Rock plays heroes and inspires heroism

From Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 2015 film San Andreas.

The BBC reports that a young boy from MI remembered what he had watched movie star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson do in San Andreas, the young man's favorite movie, and saved his younger brother's life. Jacob was about to start watching TV when he noticed that the door was open - and Dylan was gone.

He got his brother out of the pool and started to do CPR, something he'd learned after watching the film San Andreas starring The Rock.

"There was an natural disaster, then it caused a tsunami and then there was a daughter that was drowning and he had to get her out and he did the same thing", Jacob said. 2-year old Dylan only spent a day in the hospital and has since made a full recovery.

Jacob may not have Rock-life muscles (yet), but who needs them when your actions are more powerful than anything else? According to mom, Jacob hasn't let all the praise and talk of heroism go to his head.

Dylan was hospitalized for two days but is doing fine. He said he did that a few times, then ran into the house to tell his grandmother, who called 911.

Jacob immediately sprang into action, pulling his brother out the pool and starting chest compressions.

"I lost it", she told The Post.

From a big screen superhero, to a local hero, it's a life saving story that will forever keep these brothers together. Hopefully, your little 2yr old brother, Dylan is well enough to fly because I wanna meet him too. "I've got to shake the hands of a real-life hero", Johnson said.

Jacob, I'm gonna fly you and your family out to Vancouver so I can meet you.

On Friday, he posted an Instagram video teasing fans who had waited until 1:15 a.m.to see him, by pretending to drive away and jokingly refusing to sign autographs.



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