'Enrol for equality': MTV Australia to cease regular programming

Ballot boxes ready for postal votes at the Banana Shire returning officer's headquarters

After learning she had wrongly been associated with the group, Trainor, 23, hit out on Twitter, stating: "I SUPPORT MARRIAGE EQUALITY!".

Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth join a relatively long list of celebrities from Australia who are endorsing marriage equality using social media as their platform.

Meghan was horrified when she was alerted to the misappropriation, posting her full support for LGBT marriage.

If you haven't already, you must be enrolled to vote in Australia to take part in the postal plebiscite.

Thorpe urged people to either enrol or ensure their details were correct on the Australian Electoral Commission website.

The Facebook ad has since been removed, and the organizers behind the Vote NO page claim that they did not even know who the woman was in the photo.

"But just to be very, very clear, I've been a long term supporter of allowing, legalizing same-sex marriage as it is called, marriage equality".

If you need some prep before you vote yes to make marriage equal in Australia, try out Going Postal a retro, 8-bit online game.

"I do not think that if a gay couple gets married, who are living together, gets married, that doesn't threaten my marriage to Lucy, which is almost 38 years of marriage", he said.

"Vote now for marriage equality".

"The vast majority of people who do not agree with same-sex marriage ... they are not homophobic, they don't denigrate gay people". We apologise to Megan Trainor and her support base if this has caused any angst or distress. "Aussies are some of the most beautifully free spirited and open minded people I've ever gotten the chance to meet!"

Australia is now holding a nationwide poll to determine whether its citizens want legalized marriage equality.

"We know that younger people are more like to vote yes".

Lest you consider their apology too respectable, you should know that Vote NO Australia - Marriage Plebiscite is also using its Facebook page to spread lies like "husband and wife will become illegal terms".



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