The Punisher Returns In First Teaser Trailer For Upcoming Spinoff

We may warm up to the character when we see him alongside our Netflix Marvel favorites. As we reacquaint with each of these heroes that we have watched struggle for years on netflix's screen, we find them as screwed up as ever, and slightly more disillusioned.None of them are doing fine. Since we're huge fans of everything involving Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, we're deeply emotionally invested and curious to see what this new installment in the Marvel franchise will bring us. A second season was announced, as was Jessica Jones.

And, luckily, the jabs at Iron Fist are abundant, mostly from Luke and Jessica and often in the form of exaggerated eye rolls.

Jon Bernthal, who plays Castle/The Punisher in Netflix's "Daredevil" series, reprises his role in the standalone series, and the teaser gives fans a reminder of his tragic origins, which involved the murder of his young family.

As we've mentioned, the four members of the team have all had their own Netflix series to set them up for the show (with Daredevil having had two series of its own before this run), and each of these have been to mixed reception.

Marvel's The Defenders will hit Netflix in its entirety on August 18, and today, each character's Twitter account posted a new The Defenders promo and a character clip with a defining list of descriptors You can check them all out below.

What really works are the character dynamics between the main cast, especially once they all start confiding in one another. Jessica Jones, the supercream of the supercrop, is underused over the first four episodes; Iron Fist, the super-runt of the superlitter, is gratefully muted and spared.

COX: "But these characters have been read and beloved for years, and it's important to a lot of people that we get it right". Luke Cage is looking for some sense of redemption.

I like this waiting strategy more than I thought I would. Just as they might get their hands on one of them, a mysterious figure stops them. At the age of 28, I started from scratch in NY as a makeup artist. That's already a refreshing change from previous Marvel/Netflix series, which often felt much longer than they needed to be at the expense of narrative pacing.

SK: I will say that I think it's better than Season One if that's even possible. Alexandra might be some sort of ancient ninja being with plans to unleash evil earthquakes on NYC, but she also loves sweeping scarves, enjoys private classical music performances at Lincoln Center at Columbus Circle, and engages in enigmatic conversations with her many ancient friends.



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