"Atomic Blonde" Both Excites and Confuses

Cast: Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones, Sofia Boutella, and John Goodman. This is what I hoped for in Atomic Blonde, but instead, the Charlize Theron film is an over-stylized dud that takes itself too seriously and plays out like a two-hour 1980s music video. As Theron said during the panel, she sought out the movie herself because she wanted a very specific movie to play with, a movie where she could play a character who was "unapologetic and can play by the same rules as men".

For Theron, Atomic Blonde firmly re-establishes her action hero credentials after her astonishing turn in Mad Max: Fury Road. It offers a frenzied political backdrop, a ticking clock, and a robust sense of energy and urgency to "Atomic Blonde". He also has Theron use whatever is at her disposal be it vehicle keys, her stiletto heels, or some rubber tubing. She's clearly a professional and we just try to keep up with her.

Lorraine is certainly strong and independent but her character is defined by positive masculine attributes, like being physically strong and being able to fight and kill without remorse. When we proposed that we wanted to use the stunt team to help move the camera in that stairwell fight, he was like, 'Let's do it!' There's usually a division on the set of who's role is what, but not with Jonathan and I. There are no politics as long it's compelling to get everybody involved. "We don't need to lose a child or to lose a husband or need some kind of revenge story to become a warrior". Surprisingly, yes. Theron's nude, black-and-blue-all-over ice baths represent Broughton's idea of Me Time. She exists and she's just simply her. Unfortunately, Lorraine is so good at her job it's impossible to know what she's feeling or thinking at any given moment.

"I love an emotional story, but there are different ways to tell those stories than to go for those easy, manipulative emotions".

In the end, I didn't care who lived, who died, who was a bad guy or who was a good guy. And she's at her most engaging when paired with the livewire McAvoy, whose Percival has cultivated a wildman persona labeled "feral" by one of their handlers, but which causes Broughton, annoyed by the put-on, to snap, "Drop the "I don't know which way is up" act already!" And then there are moments when he just seems distracted by how gorgeous he can make Theron look before he beats the crap out of her. Theron gives the lackluster script her best efforts and makes a compelling badass, but the story (adapted from the graphic novel The Coldest City) is a by-the-numbers spy yarn, and stuntman-turned-director David Leitch tells it with little style. Even when her blond bob gets spattered with blood, it ends up looking like stylish pink highlights. And where the Wick movies have a lot of characters that are introduced mostly to add flavor, everyone in Blonde seems to have a stake in the outcome, making for a complex web of motivations and personalities. She also reaffirmed the idea that she was brought to Immortan Joe for the objective of breeding, but discovers that she's barren. Boutella, for her part, creates another striking, unique and captivating female character. She's a woman who doesn't have to be what others expect her to be.

Theron does her best playing Lorraine Broughton, one of the top agents with MI6. Theron isn't an invincible super spy like James Bond. Additionally, both Atomic Blonde and The Emoji Movie are expected to earn somewhere around $20 - $27 million by the time this weekend comes to a close.

Mere moments after touching down in Germany, Broughton is fending off one baddie with a high heel while forcing another into crashing and flipping the auto they're riding in.



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