Pokemon For The Nintendo Switch Will Arrive 2018 (Or Later)

Nintendo Sold 1.97 million Nintendo Switch Consoles Last Quarter

The latest data revealed by Nintendo said that Switch had sold 2.7 million units during March, surpassing the company's estimates, as they expected the hybrid system to sell 2 million consoles in the first few months. With this recently-ended quarter's 1.97 million units accounted for, Switch sales now sit at 4.7 million worldwide.

This was Nintendo's first full quarter following the launch of the popular Switch, which combines the capabilities of a mobile video game platform and a home-based console. Although news on the project has been kept on the quiet side since the announcement at E3 2017, Nintendo has now confirmed a release window of sorts for the game, with the title due to see release in "2018 or later".

Not much has changed with the Nintendo Wii U. The console has only shipped 13.56 million units so far.

Nintendo's 3DS family of products sold basically on par with last year at just under 1 million units (a 1 percent increase year-over-year), while the portable console's software sales dropped a hefty 31 percent. This number is sure to be overtaken by the Switch in its first year. In total, revenue reached $1.4 billion (up 149% on last year), translating to a profit of $190 million. That can be deduced from the company's fiscal quarter report.

The biggest hurdle they had to overcome was the iPhone 8 using up a lot of the NAND chips that were also required for manufacturing the Nintendo Switch, as reported by 9to5 Mac.

The day finally came for Nintendo Switch's biggest release of the summer.

The financial results only go up to the end of June, but even though it was only released on June 16 new franchise ARMS is already at 1.18 million. It sold 0.95 million units for hardware and 5.85 million units for software during the period mentioned above, which are pretty solid numbers considering the console's age.

Consumers are also "continuing to enjoy" Nintendo's smartphone portfolio, such as Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, with smart device and IP related income hitting ¥9bn.



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