Hastert leaves fed pen for "halfway house"

Chicago Ill. Hastert was sentenced to 15 months in prison and ordered to pay $250,000 to a victim's fund for breakin

Following allegations that surfaced from a hush money case that he had abused young boys while a teacher and wrestling coach in Illinois, Hastert was ordered to pay $250,000 to a victims' fund and serve 15 months in prison.

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who is serving a 15-month prison sentence for hush money payments to cover up sex abuse, has been transferred to a Chicago facility in anticipation of an August 16 release.

At the time, Hastert said he was "deeply ashamed" and said, "I know why I am here".

The Bureau of Prisons said in an email that Hastert left the Minnesota prison on Monday and is now "under the jurisdiction" of a Chicago residential re-entry management office.

Cross says he still believes Hastert's 15-month sentence was a "slap on the wrist". Hastert's release date is listed as August 16.

Technically, Hastert was brought down for violating federal banking laws.

Hastert claimed that Individual A, a former Yorkville standout wrestler, had falsely accused him of sexual abuse decades ago when he was a coach. The federal judge who sentenced Hastert called him a "serial child molester". The Tribune honored his wishes until he appeared at the sentencing hearing and confronted his former coach while delivering an emotional statement.

The Rochester prison where Hastert had been housed is affiliated with the nearby Mayo Clinic, with doctors and nurses on site providing high-level medical services to the approximately 700 male inmates assigned there who need long-term physical and mental health care.

Hastert, the longest-serving Republican House speaker in history, pleaded guilty in 2015 to the crime of structuring, which is a form of money laundering that involves withdrawing a large sum of money in small increments to avoid detection. He says he hopes that once the news stories about Hastert's release from prison run their course, "We will never have to hear about this again".



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