Slime Eels Cause Four-Car Pile-Up In Oregon

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Hagfish are nicknamed "slime eels" thanks to their ability to secrete sticky mucus from their glands.

A truck carrying eels turned over on a busy highway in OR, covering another vehicle and the roadway in slime.

The remaining containers and the flatbed then separated, causing four other cars to smash into each other.

Only one person suffered minor injuries.

The eels, which are actually hagfish, are considered a delicacy in Korea.

"Never a boring day for Oregon's traffic/incident responders", the Oregon Department of Transportation posted on Facebook after the cleanup.

A highway in OR in the U.S. was covered in slime after a truck carrying 3,400kg of eels tipped over, spilling the fish on cars and large swathes of the road.

As the Oregon State Police quipped in its Facebook post "We've been slimed".

One of the vehicles involved in the "slime eel" accident in OR on Thursday.

One of the witnesses Erin Butler told Fox 12 the scene was unbelievable. A seafood livestock truck driven by 59-year-old Salvatore J. Tragale of Lincoln City has headed north when he came upon traffic stopped for highway construction. But the bins tipped and "they just kept going, cascading, a domino effect over these poor cars". But now, instead of being eaten, the eels are giving the internet some fun in the form of disgusting photos and videos.

The snot snakes were being shipped to Korea "for consumption", according to police.

Police said charges are pending for Tragale.

The creatures in question are hagfish.



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