Donald Trump is expected to visit the United Kingdom in 2018

Theresa May reminds Donald Trump to pose for G20

The move comes days after Trump met with British Prime Minister Theresa May at the G20 summit in Hamburg where the US President told reporters he would be visiting London.

After months of doubt about the state visit, amid speculation the U.S. president could have made a surprise stopover after last week's G20 summit, the government has conceded that the official visit will not take place until 2018, according to reports.

There were also earlier reports that Trump may secretly drop in the United Kingdom during his Europe visit for the G20 Summit.

The visit wasn't mentioned in the Queen's Speech because a date hasn't been fixed yet'.

President Donald Trump's state visit to the United Kingdom, initially planned for this year, will be delayed until next year, a senior USA administration official says.

A spokesman at Downing Street, which would be in charge of the plans for the visit, would not confirm the plans.

They said: "An invitation has been extended and accepted".

The comments led to calls for Mrs May to cancel any visit from Mr Trump, after she was accused of failing to directly criticised the president's comments.

Trump also openly clashed with British officials in recent weeks, namely London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Trump had caused controversy with his tweets following the London terror attacks in June.

Speaking last month, Johnson said Trump should be afforded the pomp and ceremony which accompanies a state visit.

"He has been scared off for now, but as we have seen from the G20, Theresa May is determined to cosy up to him at every opportunity and is keen to rush headlong into a toxic trade deal with Trump that would be disastrous for the United Kingdom public".

The source told The Times: "We are now looking at dates for next year for the US President to visit".



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