Spider-Man Homecoming: Yes, Spidey WILL have this incredible power

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There's a auto scene that's lifted straight from the comics, and "Penis Parker" is clearly a modernized version of Flash's old nickname for Peter, "Puny Parker". But the character didn't really stick with fans the way Maguire and Sam Raimi's run had.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has the classic Marvel humor, the action and the world building, so what makes it arguably the best Marvel movie?

1 - No, Uncle Ben doesn't die again!

He has outlined that Holland has a five movie contract, which includes Captain America Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers Infinity War. They are, for now, just hinting at how Infinity War will drastically affect the events of any future solo Spidey movie.

Fun Fact: Logan also used to date Marisa Tomei, aka Aunt May. Superheroes basically relinquish their day jobs and normal lives when they decide to serve a higher objective, but a 15-year-old can't do that, even if he does have wicked superpowers. Holland is only 21, compared to the older actors before him, so it's an easier role for him to play. It wasn't just Mary Jane Watson; it wasn't just Gwen Stacy; it wasn't just Harry Osborn. There's a girl he's into, obviously, but it doesn't dominate the film. "The big thing was I tried to make my voice higher". I have also felt that Jon Favreau has been left out a lot because of his busy schedule, so I was very pleased to see him quite often in Homecoming. Imagine right now you found out your best friend was a superhero, how would you act? Spider-Man action sequences I've ever seen on screen I think Tom Collins great I think the entire supporting cast is fantastic Michael Keaton is great villain. Far too many years later to vulgarly describe using numbers, the experience of watching Spider-Man: Homecoming wasn't exactly like we envisioned it back then-mostly because Spidey wasn't played by a pre-Subway-sandwich-birthday-party-loving Kirk Cameron, and I didn't attend with Alyssa Milano on my arm. "As you can see in this, my big stretch is being from Brooklyn but playing from Queens", she said. "It's not something I've been prepared for", he said. Homecoming is basically everything I love about comic books, movies, comic book movies and life. I don't know, but it will force us to do something unique.

"It's all true", he added, joking about his having a big entourage with him at all times. "No, he's pretty amusing and I joke around on set with him all the time". He's much younger, and coming from a much different place, and is a completely different voice.

As I've discussed in an earlier article, Jon Watts carefully reworks some of the classic Spider-Man tropes. Despite being 21, he looks exactly like a 15-year-old teenager and is ideal at simultaneously acting like he IS Spider-Man, but also angry about having to hide that he's Spider-Man. But it is the closest to a family friendly good for kids. Some of her funniest moments come when she says the least, like when she disses Peter and Ned for being at a "lame party". Well, you can expect that people will have thoughts - and won't be afraid to share them.

This is in no way a Tony Stark film but Robert Downey Jr.is Spidey's mentor in this, much like he was in the comics in the mid-2000s. It's nearly as if the guys at Marvel understood this and bent over backward to make the best damn Spidey movie they could. While both were cagey, they still gave some interesting reads on the situation.



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