North Sinai Attack: 26 Soldiers Killed or Wounded, 40 Terrorists Killed

Egyptian guards patrol the border with Gaza at military checkpoints. This

Sources say ten Egyptian soldiers including one colonel were killed on Friday in a suicide bomb attack on an army checkpoint in northern Sinai.

The explosion was followed by heavy gunfire from dozens of masked militants.

As the attack unfolded, ambulance sirens were heard from a distance rushing to the site.

The officials initially put the death toll at 10.

The officials say that the Friday attack started when a suicide auto bomber rammed his vehicle into the checkpoint in southern Rafah village of el-Barth, followed by heavy shooting by dozens of masked militants on foot.

The troop presence at the compound is estimated to have numbered about 60 soldiers.

After the attack, the militants looted the checkpoint, taking away weapons and ammunition before fleeing the scene. The terrorists drove in two vehicles and blew themselves up as they passed through an army checkpoint.

"Unidentified gunmen attacked a military barricade in the village of Al-Barth in the city of Rafah", the source, requesting anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to media, said.

"In the face of the unsafe implications of terrorism and extremism of all kinds for the security and stability of states and the serious threat to global peace and security, Tunis is reiterating its call for the worldwide community to join efforts and intensify coordination to overcome it and snuff out its sources", the statement said. He didn't prove a breakdown.

Within hours of the bombings security forces carried out a counter-attack and killed 40 militants suspected of involvement in the suicide bombings and destroyed six of their vehicles, according to a military statement. It also posted photographs of five alleged assailants dressed in uniforms.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Sinai, which is a stronghold of Daesh-affiliated militants.

The attacks were mainly centered in Sinai Peninsula, but some extended to the capital and Delta cities.

IS has also attacked tourists, killing all 224 on board a Russian plane carrying holidaymakers in 2015, as well as Christian churches in mainland Egypt.



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