Mexican Prison Riot Claims Heavy Death Toll

Mexico soldiers

In addition to 28 dead, three people were injured, he said.

Bodies were found throughout the area, including inside and outside the kitchen, as well as the area designated for conjugal visits.

Official says at least 28 inmates killed and several wounded after "feud between rival groups" in Acapulco prison.

The clash follows the June release of a report by Mexico's National Commission for Human Rights that warned that numerous country's prisons are unsafe, overcrowded and understaffed, The Associated Press reported.

Acapulco's fatal prison riot began "because of the constant dispute between rival groups inside the prison", said state security spokesman Robert Alvarez Heredia.

Acapulco is the biggest city in Guerrero, one of Mexico's most lawless states and a centre of opium poppy production that has been a major concern to USA officials.

It was built for 1,624 inmates but had 1,951 men and 110 women behind its walls, he said.

Mexico soldiers
Mexican Prison Riot Claims Heavy Death Toll

Last February, a brawl inside a jail in the northern industrial city of Monterrey, between inmates aligned with the Zetas and Gulf drug cartels, resulted in 49 deaths.

The prison carnage was particularly embarrassing to Mexico as it came the same day US Department of Homeland Security secretary John Kelly was visiting Guerrero, in Mexico's southwest.

It found that inmates often controlled some areas of prisons or had contraband inside.

Mexico has suffered a wave of bloodshed in the past decade that has left more than 200,000 people dead or missing as drug cartels wage war on each other and Mexican security forces.

Kelly, who arrived in Mexico on Wednesday, has been in meetings with top Mexican officials, which includes President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The prison, where the riot broke out, is the most crowded in Guerrero, with 2,100 prisoners, according to Mexican government statistics.



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