Man Armed With Throwing Knives Tries to Reach Ivanka in Trump Tower

Secret Service stops man who tried to meet Ivanka Trump armed with throwing knives

A knife-wielding man claiming to be a US Senator who wanted to talk to Ivanka Trump about her dress line was arrested at Trump Tower in New York City. Benitez claimed that he was a USA senator who owned Trump Tower and was there to speak with Ivanka Trump about her clothing line.

A quick search revealed that Benitez was carrying two throwing knives, a weighted sock and a fake New York State I.D. card, authorities said. He was also reportedly wearing a bulletproof vest underneath his shirt.

Benitez not only said he was a senator, but that he owned Trump Tower. New York Police Department and Secret Service agents prevented the man from entering the tower building and quickly took him into custody.

Benitez would not have been able to meet Trump had he gotten through security, since she is in Europe.

Benitez was transported to a medical center for a psychiatric evaluation and later arrested and charged with criminal possession of weapons, criminal possession of a forged instrument and a forged ID.

Ivanka Trump luckily was not in the building at the time because she is now traveling with the president in Europe.

The first daughter herself was not in Trump Tower at the time, but rather in Hamburg, Germany, for the G20 summit.

A spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney told BuzzFeed News that there was no scheduled court appearance for Benitez since he was likely still in hospital.



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