Instagram Stories updated with photo and video replies

Instagram Stories updated with photo and video replies

To get started, update your Instagram app, check out a friend's story, and then reply as you please!

Instagram really wants you to use its Snapchat clone. Instagram announced a new way to reply to your friend's stories: with a photo or video, a feature that Snapchat now doesn't have.

Instagram Stories are a way for your friends and family to post a day's worth of pictures and videos in a slideshow format so that they can share a complete day with you through the app. A sticker of the original story will only be visible to the user so that they know to which story the reply was made. You can use any of the tools in the camera in your reply, including filters, stickers, and Rewind. Check out the Instagram's new feature with your accounts and tell us what you think of it.

To reply to a story, follow the following steps. Similar to Instagram Direct's disappearing photos and videos, your friends will be notified if you take a screenshot or replay their response. The reply will disappear after 24 hours.

In order to reply with a photo, video, or Boomerang, tap the new camera icon in the bottom left-hand corner while an Instagram story plays.

Along with this feature, Instagram also introduced a special sticker for the Story itself. If there is no Update button to be seen, the most recent version is already on the device you're working with. So instead of writing a message reply you can always go for a reply in the form of a video or a photo message.



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