USA approves laptops on flights from Abu Dhabi

USA approves laptops on flights from Abu Dhabi

Currently, Etihad is the only airline that offers non-stop flights between the USA and Abu Dhabi.

At Abu Dhabi International Airport, travelers bound for the United States on Tuesday enjoyed something many others flying out of the Middle East can't-walking onto an airplane with their laptop.

The Transportation Security Administration has appreciated the action taken by Etihad Airways since it is a part of an anti-terrorism measure for the safety of the worldwide civil aviation and the industry. Recently it chose to drop its ban from Etihad Airways.

The company said Etihad operates 45 flights a week between Abu Dhabi and the United States.

It is the responsibility of officials of the seven affected airports to ensure that larger electronic devices are not allowed in cabins of nonstop flights to the United States.

Acting chief executive of operations, Abu Dhabi Airports, AbdulMajeed al-Khoori, told Reuters on Monday that USA officials assessed the airport on Saturday night. In May, U.S. President Donald Trump shared highly classified intelligence about the Islamic State group wanting to use laptops to target aircraft with senior Russian officials visiting the White House.

Separately, Turkish Airlines on Monday said it expects the U.S. to remove Istanbul's Ataturk Airport from the laptop ban list over the next day or two.

Dubai Airports, the operator of Emirates hub Dubai International Airport, said on Monday it had offered its "full cooperation to satisfy the US directive as quickly as possible".

In April, Emirates said it was cutting flights to the U.S. because of reduced demand in the fallout from the ban. It offered no specifics on what American authorities wanted.

Etihad is the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates and it had begun conducting more passengers heading for the United States and screening at the Abu Dhabi International Airport itself. Abu Dhabi's airport is the first among Mideast airports targeted by a USA ban on laptops in airplane cabins to be exempt from the list.

Saj Ahmad, an analyst with the London-based StrategicAero Research, said that he believed that Emirates will eventually succeed in getting the electronics ban removed on its flights.



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