Multiple Nasdaq stocks including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon see prices changed to $123.47

The Nasdaq appeared to be at the centre of market upheaval as the share prices of some companies were erroneously reset

"This is now being fixed and we hope to update our stock price data shortly".

The stock market data glitch set the price of several companies on the Nasdaq exchange to $123.47 today.

At the $123.47 price, shares in Apple fell by more than 14% while Microsoft jumped 79%, which would value the company at almost $1trn.

NASDAQ has confirmed it experienced a technical glitch resulting in a number of technology companies' stock prices to either plummet or soar. While the problem caused a degree of panic among investors, the issue was just a temporary one.

According to a statement from Nasdaq, the error occurred after "certain third parties improperly propagated test data that was distributed as part of the normal evening test procedures". Nasdaq spokesman Joe Cristinat says the test data is sent on a daily basis, but the fact that third-party providers distributed it was a glitch and the changes never really happened. "Nasdaq is working with third party vendors to resolve the matter", the spokesman said.

A freaky computer glitch led to the stock prices of several USA technology companies including Amazon and Google to be dramatically undervalued on Tuesday morning, leading to some losing billions in value.

Tracking share prices in real time is usually done via platforms like Bloomberg's, while others rely on Google and Yahoo Finance.

The service had sent out test data that third parties such as Bloomberg published. However, according to Nasdaq, the exchange where the stocks are listed, it wasn't the insane after-hours trading that caused such dramatic moves. The biggest consequences appear to be a bit of confusion among traders and a fun day for companies like Sears and Zynga, who saw their stock prices suddenly jump by a few thousand percent.



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