Bachelor party in Kiev — unforgettable impressions are guaranteed

Bachelor party in Kiev — unforgettable impressions are guaranteed

Farewell to a bachelor life always cause dual feelings. But in any case, note such an event is on a grand scale - so that memories warm the soul, and stories are driven into the paint by the weaker in spirit. And where else is it better to do, than not in one of the best strip club?

If the stag party is in the strip club!
The abundance of a beautiful naked female body, a lot of booze and delicious food, a cheerful man's company and complete abstraction from the outside world. This is all possible only in the men's club! Turn around is where — at the service of visitors not only striptease, but also exciting show programs. And for those who want a more cozy and confidential environment, you can rent VIP-rooms.

Here, too, do not have to limit yourself. Each room has its own scene, cozy sofas and armchairs, a huge screen, a projector and even a karaoke system. You can order a private dance or enjoy an exquisite show program in the circle of friends. What is especially nice is a separate toilet for each room. Full privacy, excluding unwanted meetings with other guests. Experiencing a randomly caught on the eyes of a blessed photograph in the social network will not have to.

If the strip club is "Penthouse"!
One of the best strip club in Kiev is considered to be the Gentleman Club "Penthouse". A special chic to the club is given by colorful and incendiary performances, over which a professional choreographer works. All details are calibrated to trifles — visitors can only relax and have fun!

Speaking of pleasure. In a special "Crazy Menu" includes an intimate massage, which makes the heart of any man to fight more actively. For discerning customers are also available erotic sushi, the original supply of which will make you forget the taste and focus on the "dishes". And dancing with cocktails will stir up imagination, making you want more.

But what a bachelor party without songs? And then the club has something to surprise. You can sing yourself, in chorus with friends or invite to sing the girls of the club. Spicy entertainment will be added by dancers, who perform lighting numbers for playing compositions. Now you can not worry about the lack of a voice — nobody will notice it anyway. Spectacular dancers will complement the spectacular dance of any composition, leaving an unforgettable impression in your memory.

Do you want more? It's enough just to ask! The club will try to fulfill even the most incredible desires. After all, the holiday is just beginning!



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