Pokemon GO's Gyms are Getting an Overhaul

The new Pokemon Go Gym closures kick off soon

In its statement, Niantic assured players that the gym shutdown would be making way for exciting new features to the game, though the developer did not mention nor enumerate exactly what features would be making a debut in the mobile title.

Players will be able to spin the Photo Disc at all Gyms to collect items, just like a PokeStop.

The new an improved Gyms will also feature six permanent slots that can be filled by the controlling team's Pokemon. Before a raid battle, a giant egg will appear on top of a gym in order to let everyone know that a raid is about to commence.

The new Gyms are more interactive, featuring a spinnable photo disc that awards players with unique items.

Rumors are abounding about the plausible new features that would debut in the game, with speculations ranging from player-vs-player matches to a more interactive gym battle system. If a Pokemon loses all of it's motivation then it will return to the trainer. These raids will occur when a rare and powerful Pokemon takes over an existing gym.

Rather than the Prestige system that's been in place for the a year ago, Gyms will now use a motivation system. Once a day, you'll be able to receive a raid pass, and can only hold one at a time. Since the beginning, the ability to play with other trainers and battle against them has been widely requested as the game gets boring in time. You can also get Premium Raid Passes from the in-game shop. This will make it so that the truly challenging teams will be a littler easier to take down if the team becomes complacent, but there is something they can do to combat that. "However, Trainers from the same team can give defending Pokémon Berries to keep them motivated".

The tickets for the first live event, the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago's Grant Park, sold out within minutes of them going on sale, so if you didn't get them on the first crack, you'll have to wait for other events, which are sure to come with real-world events of their own. Considering that these raid battles will be against Pokemon you wouldn't otherwise see in the game, this will be how we'll finally be able to capture legendary Pokemon.

A variety of new items are coming to Pokemon Go this summer, and the one that will be the most highly sought after is the Technical Machine.


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