Baby Shower Parties

Phrases for Memories of a Baby Shower . One of the important details for a baby shower is the memory that will be taken by each of the guests to the party, but these memories must carry a very significant message for the gratitude of having come to the Baby Shower. The phrase that will carry every memory is very important and here I bring you several ideas: "Thank you for coming to my Baby Shower!"

"I really enjoyed the Baby Shower from here, my mommy's tummy. Thank you for coming and accompanying us. "

" Thank you for coming to the Baby Shower in honor of (baby's name). "

" Thank God for the miracle of life and for Receive me with love. "

" We give thanks to God for having blessed us with your presence. With love, daddy and mom (baby's name). "

" The miracle of a birth is a unique and unrepeatable treasure. Thank you, Lord, for allowing my parents to conceive me, I ask you to help my mommy and me at the time of my birth.

Come, and bless those who gathered in a Baby Shower today to share our joy. "

" A new family member is on the way. What a joy to have shared your Baby Shower with you! "

" A very small baby can fulfill the biggest dreams. For a start, by bringing together the most special people in your mom's life. "

" Today the flowers have a special color, birds sing more beautiful and the sun shines with a new force for birth Of (baby's name). Congratulations, new parents!

"Thank you for being part of our joy."

"You were part of the Baby Shower, I hope you are part of the arrival of our little angel. Thanks for coming. "

" Babies are angels that fly to Earth, their wings disappear when they are born. "

"I thank God for giving me the gift of life and I thank you for accompanying my parents in the celebration prior to my arrival."

"I look forward to meeting you all soon . Thank you for the love you offer my mom. Your gifts will be very useful because from where I come I will arrive with nothing. God bless you. "


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