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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Credit Khamenei Official Website via European Press

Citizens of Iran and other Middle Eastern countries, some of them linked to terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, have tried to enter Canada carrying documents from Venezuela, a country that in recent years has become a An important springboard for these individuals to enter North America, a report recently released concluded.

The study, developed by the Center for a Free and Secure Society (SFS), notes that at least 173 individuals from the Middle East were Detected while carrying Venezuelan identity documents, while the majority of Iranians who have tried to improperly enter Canada passed through Caracas first.

The report also highlights the close ties of Chavismo - and in particular the governor of Aragua , Tarek El Aissami- with Islamic fundamentalism and its efforts to create a financial network to finance terrorism from Latin America.

"The majority [of the 173 individuals Iduos] had Venezuelan passports, but not all. Others had ID cards, and some had Venezuelan visas. In some cases, these individuals had birth certificates, "said Joseph Humire, executive director of the SFS and one of the report's authors.

" [Individuals] were from Iran, Iraq, Syria, the Libano. But the majority were from Iran, Lebanon and Syria. Seventy percent came from those countries and had some kind of link with Hezbollah, "Humire added from Washington in a telephone interview.

Hezbollah, a Lebanese entity founded by a contingent of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards And which is financed by Tehran, is considered by Washington and other countries as a terrorist organization.

Information on the 173 individuals was provided by security agencies to the Washington-based research center.

"It was their relatives, cousins ​​and brother-in-law who came from Lebanon, and they were getting that kind of documentation," Humire said.

In March 2013, intelligence sources told the New Herald Ghazi himself has Venezuelan documentation and served as a commercial aggregation of the South American country in Syria, when Maduro was the chancellor.

According to Humire, many of these individuals were lost in different countries of America carrying

The report, titled "Canada in the Guard, Assessing the Threat to the Immigration Security of Iran, Venezuela and Cuba," underscores that the Venezuelan regime has been instrumental in providing documents to "Iranians and others Extremists who seek to enter North America without being detected. "

The link with Cuba comes from the fact that the Castro brothers regime is the one that manages Venezuelan documentation systems.

Anthony Daquín, an ex ase A security man who participated in the modernization of the country's identity system, said that the Havana regime currently has equipment on the island to issue Venezuelan documents.

"They have the power Issue the Venezuelan document, without any problems, from the University of Computer Science, because they have the equipment and supplies, including the polycarbon sheets, the electronic signature that goes inside the passports, and the encryption certificates that is the Which allows the chip to be read at airports, "said Daquín.

That means Cuba is able to issue Venezuelan documents on its own.

But the main responsibility for the link between Chavism and extremism in the Middle East is El Aissami, who was also former minister of Interior Relations.

"Over the years, Tarek El Aissami has developed a sophisticated, multi-tiered financial network that functions as a criminal-terrorist pipeline to bring Islamic militants to Venezuela and neighboring countries and to send illicit funds from Latin America "The" criminal-terrorist pipeline "is made up of about 40 ghost companies that have assets and funds through 36 bank accounts open throughout Venezuela, Panama, Curacao

Tarek is not the only member of his family to have close ties to terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

His father, Zaidan The Amin El Aissami, also known as Carlos Zaidan, is an ardent promoter of Islamic Jihad and person close to Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, a former military collaborator of Saddam Hussein who heads the insurgency in Iraq and is one of the men

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