Green Pepper and olive salad - Taste of Beirut

Green Pepper and olive salad - Taste of Beirut

"Because the gentleman requested a green pepper on his table" / Strong>

The gentleman in question was a He is a bachelor and he likes to eat his green pepper with his olives and bits of pita bread, every day, before his meal.

This totally trivial episode stuck with me and one day , I decided to check out the green pepper and olives with pita idea.

I buy green pepper and cut big

Chunks and put an olive on it and eat it with some pita bread and it makes me happy.

Salad consists of shredded carrots; Diced Armenian cucumbers; Olives; Chopped parsley.

Dressing is the usual lemon juice, olive oil combo with a smidgeon of mashed garlic and some grated fresh ginger.



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