6 year old female weimaraner arm. He lives in a flat with a marriage and another bitch, his daughter. She weighs 37 kg, is a very nervous and agitated bitch. Constitution: Water

23/02/2012 : In this first visit we see that he had a stomach twist in April of last year after a strange picture With intermittent fever and inconstant mucosal diarrhea, torsion was performed in the emergency room and splenectomy (excision of the spleen) was performed. She was then operated on with pyometra (infectious metritis or infection of the uterus) in June. Since August petechiae appear that were first found in the eyes and then generalized throughout the body, also had bruises after extractions of blood that made him to find the cause of petechiae. After numerous analyzes, the origin was not known. He has been on prednisone since September, but when they reduce the dose, petechiae again appear again. Last night she had an acute episode of separation from the owner, vomited blood and numerous petechiae on mucous membranes and ears. Hematomas in extremities and abdomen are also noted. Now she is taking prednisone 30 mg a day and has alopecia in the abdomen and patches of alopecia around the body.

Examination: Luna is a very nervous and anxious bitch, constantly looking for the owner and it is very difficult to find her wrists . Bruising and petechiae all over the body and in one eye. In the back shu there is slight pain due to deficiency in <19>, 20 and 21 V

We decided to treat twice a week within the possibilities of the owner, to be able to lower the dose of cortisone while the needle therapy is working. In this first session we use:

In this first session we use:

I> 2B to tone the spleen and help with its transformation and transport function 36E to tone the spleen and stomach, to tone Qi >

19V to help the liver after treatment with cortisone

7C I> and so reduce that anxiety that is hurting your spleen.

27/02/2012 Much improvement, almost all petechiae have been removed. You have now lowered your dose of prednisone to 10 mg per day. General condition is still good. The owner says she shows an excessive appetite, this has happened since always but now more than ever. We explain that it is partly because of cortisone that the appetite increases a lot, and on the other hand the spleen is not digesting food well, so Luna is never satisfied.

In this session we use <

20VG to reduce your anxiety,

17V sea of ​​blood , to stop bleeding. It is these points we appreciate a hair color change that the owner claims has recently appeared.

20V shu spleen, cools the blood and nourishes yin , calms the

2B Toning spleen and stomach helps to assimilate food and improves Chi

"; Turns his head to look at the needles and is more restless when the needles start to come out.

From now on we will space the sessions with acupuncture, and we will follow closely the work that the owner does at home to reduce the anxiety of the dog.



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