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Mega-beauty brand, Dermablend is known for covering up every flaw imaginable and its viral beauty videos. Back in 2011, Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, shot a viral video for Dermablend where he covered his entire body, which is filled with tattoos, with their leg and body cover (you should watch it after you read this, it's kinda amazing)

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But the most moving monologue definitely comes from Dermablend's Camo Confessions campaign. Cheri Lindsay shares her testimony about her struggles with vitiligo, a skin-pigment disorder. She recalls how quickly her skin condition spread and how she changed how people perceived and treated her.

In the video we watch Cheri wash off her camouflage ... and then we all cry!

P> [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBKr4uxXRi0%5D] Have you ever thought about it? Cheri's right. There is something wrong with everyone. No one's perfect!

Cheri's story is just one of many that have me inspired. You can see all the videos on the Dermablend YouTube page and get step-by-step makeup application tips from Cheri, Rick, and other Dermablend users. Once you've watched all the videos, Dermablend encourages you to upload your own now through Dec. 31st and Dermablend will donate $ 1 to Look Good Feel Better for every confessional video shared.



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