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Causa de atún- Tuna Fish Potato Loaf

Red The recently started happy hour from 4 to 6 PM, Tuesdays through Saturday. Their Social Hour serves street food, oysters and specialty cocktails at sweet prices. Chicago Chef Rick Bayless consulted on the menu which features a variety of Latin-inspired street eats. A selected list of specialty cocktails are $ 8, craft beer for $ 5 and wines by the glass for $ 7. Food ranges from $ 2 (oysters, minimum of 3) to ceviche at $ 10 and melted cheese $ 12- $ 13.

I enjoyed the chunky guacamole which also came with warm chips and salsa. I had never been to Red The before and I liked the elegant dining room and great plating. The guacamole just seemed so fancy but it was only $ 6.

And $ 2 a piece, scoring a bunch of oysters was easy. They are served with a smokey chipotle sauce and tomatillo-habenero mignonette. The sustainable shucked-to-order oysters hardly needed the dressing up though they were so sweet.

Yucatecan (mixed) ceviche

Offers 3 different ceviches; Yucatecan, (mixed), Tropical Tuna (tuna) and Border (yellowtail).

Tropical tuna (tuna) ceviche

) Ceviche

The Fronterizo was my favorite. It was even conveniently loaded on chips already. They say the Yukatecan ceviche takes a tiny bit longer for the acid to "cook" the seafood while the tuna is a relatively quick dish. As soon as it's assembled, it's ready to go.

For drinks, expect a range of margaritas including the Topolo which is more traditional. For something spicy, the Alacran is recommended or if you like the trend of fresh fruit, how about the market which featured cucumber and honeydew melon. I liked the mojito though I could use more mint- I could always use more mint (heehee says the Minty)

homemade chorizo ​​sausage queso fundito

woodland mushrooms melted cheese

The Street Food Trio features Mexico City style corn dough quesadillas, sweet plantain sopes and smoked chicken taquitos. The mini taquitos were the faves of the table.

Then came the toast trio with the sashimi style Alasakan salmon, grilled Matzatlan shrimp and jicama taco (the jicama served as the carb-free taco) and an heirloom tomato Marketed.

Market - cucumber & amp; Honeydew

I did not try the market because I'm allergic to honeydew but everyone seemed to like this after the Alacran.

Tacos al carbon- Mary's chicken

Big wood grilled tacos al carbon - skirt steak

Mazatlan blue shrimp

I like the DIY aspect of the tacos al carbon. We had a choice of chicken, skirt steak and shrimp. Be sure to add some grilled onions, salsa, a squeeze of lime and a smidge of guacamole to your tacos. And then finish off by munching on some sliced ​​radishes or grilled Mexican green onions.

We could not leave without admiring the tequilas in the Tequila Tunnel. There are so many bottles I've never seen before.

Social Hour: Tuesday- Sunday, 4-6PM

8155 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046 - (323) 655-5009

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