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Te de manzanilla Chamomile tea la pastora  pack of 20 pieces of.42 oz each

Distribution and habitat


Sequence flowers of the Chamaemelum nobile .

The tarmu tienru and the florida sumidaes are dry or fresh in fervinchu, arumous and quite bitter. Confuse munches vegaes german chamomile cola. Matricaria recutita ​​i>. The therapeutic effects associated with chamomile are dizzy, carminative, sedative, tonic, vasodilator and antispasmodic. The essential oil used in aromatherapy, and the fervin of the flowers to apply to the hair as shampoo to give lluminosidá and rellumu a'l colors doraos, more col efec of the branu and aid of the sun to the ensugalo produces hairs brown escamplaes and beautiful purple reflexes ; Manzanilla is only recommendable for clear hairs.

The common chamomile is not used while the embarrassment can cause uterine contractions and albuteru.

Chamomile ye A very common plant in xardinos of various sizes.

Pa faer fervinchu tien dexase boil nun pocillu. Use p'alivios d'estómagos.

Otru of the uses of the chamomile and put the güeyos in casu d'alerxes.

Common name

  • Castellanu: camomile of Moncayo, camomile of Roman, camomile, chamomile of Aragon, chamomile officinal, camomile Roman, camomilla, cotula odorifera, camomile, bitter chamomile, bona chamomile, common chamomile, chamomile of camphor, chamomile of campu, chamomile of campu , Chamomile Moncayo, fine chamomile, noble chamomile, official chamomile, officinal chamomile, Roman chamomile, chamomile.



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