Blasts Media, Says He "Inherited a Mess"

President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference Thursday Feb. 16 2017 in the East Room of the White House in Washington

President Donald Trump defended his record and went on the attack against the media, Democrats and leakers within the government and his administration during a feisty press conference Thursday.

"The media's trying to attack our administration because they know we are following through on pledges that we made, and they're not happy about it", he said.

"I turn on the TV, open the newspapers and I see stories of chaos - chaos", he said.

Separately the US Justice Department has said in Trump intends in the near future to rescind travel ban and replace it was a new "substantially revised" order, according to a court filing.

"The leaks are absolutely real".

Donald Trump has blasted the media once again claiming that "the media doesn't get it" and speaks for the special interests on those profiting. That order was tied up in a legal fight, U.S. appeals court upholds block on travel ban but the Trump administration said on Thursday it would not longer contest the ruling.

Trump specifically cited CNN for their negative coverage of his administration.

He said the story should not be when, how or what his inner circle was communicating with Russian representatives but the leaks of classified information by the USA intelligence community to the news media.

POTUS had a chance to face some of the journalists he believes are peddling that "fake news" this evening, this was his message for them.

A Kremlin spokesman has denied that Russian Federation regularly communicated with Trump's campaign.

He says the reports surrounding links between his allies and Russian Federation are "fake news" and that leakers should be ashamed of themselves.



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