Trump press secretary responds to SNL skit

Trump press secretary responds to SNL skit

Saturday Night Live continued it satirical portrayal of the Trump administration in its February 11 episode, with the actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy returning as the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, after she made her first appearance last week. Unable to pronounce multi - syllabic middle eastern names, especially the name of a dignitary's wife, he grumbled, "Oh, Jesus".

"Ok now I'm gonna' open it up for questions and I'm probably gonna' freak if you start asking stupid questions". However, when he walks through his front door, Conway is waiting for him in his apartment, she's got a knife, and she wants to know why he doesn't want her on the show anymore.

In addition to referring to Nordstrom's decision to drop Ivanka Trump's line as "light terrorism", McCarthy illustrated "extreme vetting" using action figures and Barbie dolls.

Meanwhile, host Baldwin once again donned orange makeup and blonde wig to impersonate Trump once more, taking his "Muslim ban" to "The People's Court." "Then we're gonna pat her down, and then we're gonna read her emails and if we don't like the answers - which we won't! - boom, Guantanamo Bay".

McCarthy also took a shot at the real Spicer's jocular critique earlier this week.

After losing all control of the press conference, Spicey mowed down the press corps on her motorized podium.

If the appeals court won't do what's right, President Trump will see them in court. And then there was a commercial for Nordstrom's, who are no longer carrying the fabulous Ivanka Trump bangle for $39.99.

Performed against a backdrop of racism accusations, the Sessions character's claim that "we all know there are two kinds of crime: regular and black", only to be pushed off stage by McCarthy, provided a dark potential vision of the future. Conway said. "I hate shopping but I'm going to go get some for myself today".

McCarthy also teased the real Spicer about his statement regarding a nonexistent terror attack in Atlanta; the press secretary later clarified he meant Orlando.

Joining McCarthy was Kate McKinnon, continuing with the gender-reversal by playing a mumbling Jeff Sessions.


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