Resources to help painful hematoma 9 mos after sterotactic biopsy - Breast Cancer - Forum

Resources to help painful hematoma 9 mos after sterotactic biopsy - Breast Cancer - Forum

DudleysMom here. It looks like some people have read this post, even though no one offered me any help. Maybe someone can be helped by the crap that I went through.

Well, after going to 7 surgeons, I finally found a surgeon who was willing to remove the painful lump that resulted from my stereotactic biopsy ... 22 months later. Yes, you're reading that right. Almost 2 years of pain. Two UNNECESSARY years of pain.

It was something called PASH, pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia, and if PASH causes pain, the treatment is excision. PASH is a benign growth. I had been expecting either a foreign body reaction (from the titanium marker) and I thought the surgeon was expecting scar tissue and / or possibly a damaged nerve. My pain in this area of ​​my breast is now almost completely resolved, and the surgeon also corrected my large hypertrophic scar while she was operating (I now have a fading thin, linear scar that I think will be cosmetically quite acceptable). My nipple now points in the direction it used to be. I would like to say that I would like to be able to do this. Seven surgeons and five radiologists misdiagnosed this as 1) scar tissue 2) fat necrosis or 3) chronic hematoma. That's a lot of doctors guessing wrong, and not listening to the patient when she says "it can not be a necrosis, because it hurts." One ****** had me put capsaicin on it, which just burned the skin (I believed it was "phantom pain", what a douche).

I'm still suffering from severe fibrocystic disease , But my daily torture has been reduced somewhat, since at least I can wear a supportive bra (when my biopsy was really bothering me, I could not tolerate bra and had to spend most of my day lying down with an ice pack ). I took tamoxifen for four months, which definitely helped my pain, but I've had to stop at least temporarily because of a side effect causing a problem with my eye.

I think it is ridiculous how BAD the medical profession is about treating breast pain. Shame on them. (I do not like my current surgeon somewhat better.) I can not imagine how bad it is for women suffering from chronic pain from mastectomies-I'm sure they are told, as I was, that they are incredibly ungrateful that they Are not dead from cancer. If you're curious, the excision procedure was remarkably better than my stereotactic biopsy (two weeks of a minor hematoma versus 6 months of age).

Of a major hematomal, two weeks off from work versus 6 weeks). If I need another biopsy, it will be excisional. I've come to believe that the major advantage of a stereotactic biopsy is that it costs insurance companies less. The actual reason why a marker is necessary for this type of biopsy is that a severe hematoma is COMMON that if there is a cancerous finding, the hematoma might make it impossible to do the lumpectomy. Ask your doctor if you think I'm wrong.