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MLB 2016 All Star Legends And Celebrity Softball Game

How hot was Nina Agdal in her white baseball pants? So hot that even the umpire was tryna grab some of that ass:

Play on, playa! I see you blue! What a gig that is, huh? Umpiring the celebrity softball game in San Diego, California. Sports Illustrated swimsuit ass. All your favorite athletes and celebrities and maybe palm some of that Sports Illustrated swimsuit ass. Well played, pal. Well played.

The only thing that could have gone viral was Terry Crews taking his shirt off if somehow Nina peeled those pants off. Wait whats that! Bah Gawd! Thats Jennie Finch's music!

Shes dead! Shes dead! As god as my witness, Nina Agdal is dead!

Just kidding. Nina Agdal was still hotter than Jennie Finch but thats because she's hotter than everyone. Still pretty fucking impressive of Jennie Finch to step up with her own baseball pants ass and go toe to toe. It's like Jennie Finch went nose-to-nose with Agdal and said "When you step on a baseball (softball) diamond, I'm still the Queen, bitch."

Jennie Finch pitching to Nina had to be the Hottest pitcher / catcher combo in baseball history. Chances are they made out in the locker room afterwards, as is only natural for women to do. Porn never lies.



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