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Men and women have been living together on this Earth since ages. One of the things I do not know about. However, some people, especially young females, can be extremely fearful of men. Such type of abnormal and intense dread of men is known as Androphobia.

Androphobia has been derived from Greek word "Andras" meaning man. Androphobia is signified by unreasonable, constant and exaggerated fear of men, and perceiving them as dangerous. An androphobic person tries to avoid men and their company as much as possible. The androphobic person may feel unsafe and nervous about a man's company even if he is a family member, near friend or relative. Androphobia can extensively affect one's life, especially personal relationships, work and family. If a female is androphobic, she might have friends but feel completely uncomfortable around them. The fear can be so intense that one might choose to remain single and unmarried for the whole life.

What Causes Androphobia?

Various factors that contribute in development of Androphobia in people are:

Traumatic Experiences

Various traumatic experiences can be directly associated with Androphobia in people. The fear of men can be traced to really distressing encounters with men previously. These can be physical and verbal abuse, rape and molestations. Even incidents like eve-teasing and bullying can cause fear to generate. Such experience implants the idea that men are aggressive and ruthless, and can cause person damage. The phobia may also be triggered by witnessing or hearing about a significant other getting hurt by men.

Learn behavior

Genetics and heredity have also been related to Androphobia. People, especially females, are vulnerable if they have a family history of some phobias and anxiety. Androphobia are:

The symptoms of Androphobia

Common symptoms that can occur with people having androphobia are:

Intense, constant and unreasonable dread of men Extremely nervous, numb and conscious around men Disturbing thoughts and nightmares of getting hurt Or attacked by men Realizing that the fear is unreasonable Avoiding any kind of relationship or association with men In severe cases, avoiding to go out of home To stay away from men Panic attacks with signs of shaking, sweating and clammy hands, racing heartbeat, chest pain, profuse breathing, dizziness or fainting, nausea, getting fixed and abdominal discomfort Ul>

When to Visit a Doctor?

One will have to encounter a man at any point of a day. Severe cases of Androphobia can cause a person to completely avoid going anywhere and isolate oneself. If the above symptoms go over the extent of six months and noticeably disrupted one's life, consulting the doctor and starting the treatment would be essential.

How Is Androphobia Treated?

Different psychotherapies And medicines can be used for androphobia treatment. These are:

Exposure therapy with Relaxation

CBT is a psychotherapy which is focused on understanding the thoughts and behavior of a person. In the context of androphobia, the therapist conducts counseling sessions where the person talks and shares about how and why he / she fears men. Through the sessions, the therapist also teaches different ways to tolerate the fear, and retains normal behavior. The major aim of CBT is to identify the negative images linked to the fear of men, and modifying them into positive ones.


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