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Nina Sakura

We named our new daughter Nina, and have had nothing but positive responses in her first six months of life. Everyone seems to know the name (how to spell it, how to say it), and we all get compliments. At the same time, there does not seem to be any particular preconception tied to the sound of the name, making it a wide-open space for our Nina to make the most of. We looked for a name that would suit a baby, a toddler, a school-aged kid, a teen, a young adult, etc. etc. And we feel we've chosen well. It's a name that seems equally appropriate for a scientist, Supreme Court justice, punk rock bass player, or whatever she wants to be ... (EDIT: she just turned 3, and there has been absolutely no "buyer's remorse" about Her name.

What I like about my name, Nina, is that it is so International I am 31 and over my life time I have met Nina's from Russia, German, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico and even Vietnam. I love to study other cultures and international folks seem to open up more b / c it seems familiar to them. It's also a name people remember b / c not everyone has it. I always here, "I knew Nina once ..." and the occasional 'Nina, Pinta Santa Maria':)

Sometimes pronounced with a long 'I' sound ... "Nine-uh"

The only time anyone misspelled my name was once, when someone wrote Neena.
Same! What is up with those people?

Name your child Nina. It's awesome being named Nina. I know because that's my name.

Nina is also a Hindi name meaning "pretty eyes"

... and the name of a Babylonian goddess
... and The nickname for names ending in -nina, like Antonina and Penina.

Native American name meaning "mighty warrior"

Nina Ariadna, American actress by Nina Arvesen, American actress by Nina Axelrod, American actress by Nina Barr Wheeler, American artist by Nina Berman, American photographer by Nina Byers, American physicist < Nina Byron, American silent film actress
Nina Etkin, American anthropologist and botanist
Nina Dobrev, Bulgarian-born actress who stars in the vampire diaries
St. Nina, Equal of the Apostles and Enlightener of Georgia



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