Pokemon GO app captivates Orlando

Pull over if you've got to make a phone call and definitely pull over if you've got to play Pokemon.

The app Pokemon Go has taken the country by storm as avid Pokemon masters attempt to catch the characters in the real world, including a few landmarks around the Peninsula. Once you hit level 12, you'll automatically be granted several Great Balls to get started with, just like you were given Poke Balls to use when you first started.

There's only one goal for a true Pokemon master.

For now, the popularity of the game has people moving about in locations like Colonial Williamsburg, City Center, Yorktown Battlefield and Newport News Park, where there are an abundance of PokeStops and gyms to choose from. Obviously, you never know who you could run into while playing.

At the Redlands Bowl in Redlands, a group of Pokémon Go players - Ryan Oliver, 16, Ethan Atil, 16, Morgan Ross, 18, and Stan Hogeweg, 18 - said there were lots of Pokémon to catch and other players to bond with.

"Use common sense. Use safety first,"Scovern said". "We heard a little bit about it". "I'm not about to go walking around at night by myself". "I'm with, like, two people here, but we're all friends now".

A blast from the past has resurfaced and is now the hottest app for both Android and iPhones.

"It was fun when it was a video game", Brandt said, "but now it's a social experience".

But there are other risks that have to do with the technology itself.

Sancenito said he's also seen knock-off apps; imitations meant to look like Pokemon GO.

The Durham Bulls will be opening its park from 11 a.m.to 1 p.m.to app users for $5. A study from Swrve, a mobile marketing and research firm, found that in February of this year, only 1.9% of mobile game players active in a month made an in-app purchase during that month.

"And then they're giving that software access to their Global Positioning System coordinates, they're giving them potentially access to their photos and other data on their phone, and that's creating a security risk for those individuals", he said.



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