Democratic Debate Watched By Just 8.5 Million Viewers

S Terror Attacks Leave Paris Shellshocked

The CBS debate captured 8.5 million viewers, a sliver of the audience for previous debates this cycle. To put this into perspective: During the same time slot as the debate, about the same number of people watched either the Baylor-Oklahoma football game on ABC or the Oregon-Stanford game on Fox.

The Democratic Debate drew 815,000 tweets reaching an unduplicated audience of 4.9 million viewers to top all entertainment-based shows Saturday night, according to Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings Daily report. Critics have contended that Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is purposely "hiding" and limiting debates in order to perpetuate a coronation for Hillary Clinton.

By comparison, about 15.3 million people tuned the party's first debate on October 13 - the most ever for a Democratic debate.

Even that was less than the viewership of the early Republican debates. Normally, this would be a dud of a time slot, since it's basically a Saturday.

Cities Light Up Around the World After Paris Attacks
Cities Light Up Around the World After Paris Attacks

The timing of the second Democratic debate - during prime time on a Saturday, when many people are not watching television - likely contributed to the relatively low ratings.

The first debate of the year to air on a broadcast network drew more than double what CBS typically draws on Saturday nights.

That's six debates down for the preliminary festivities to the 2016 election. Fox News and cable business network CNBC kept live streams of two of those debates behind paywalls.



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